Get to know – Why Us?

Just a few of the reasons why Brokers choose LoanKit are listed below. You can also hear what some of the brokers have to say about us, by watching the short video’s – Client Perspectives


Simple & effective software!

  • Flexibility to select the tools and services that are best suited to your business
  • Revolutionary simple software solution backed by a team of in house experts.
  • Software that is truly inutitive and simple to use. (Hear what brokers have to say)
  • Requires minimal training, and we give a full demo before you sign up.

You choose the Aggregation Model to suit your business.

We are built on relationships that work for you. So we offer two models, each suit a business at different stages of growth and maturity.

OPTION 1 – Leasing the technology

We offer this so that you can retain all of your in-house lender agreements whilst using the loanKit CRM, IT and business support. Plus you can choose….so as your business changes you can change the aggregation model.

OPTION 2 – Aggregation Services (non- Exclusive)

We offer this approach to brokers who want to continue work with current lenders and take advantage of the additional lender panel offered through LoanKit. Plus you will…

  • Retain 100% of your up front
  • Choose between monthly fee model, transactional fee model, or % model
  • Take full advantage of additional services offered by LoanKit such as sales tools, broker tools, retention tools, and referral tools.

A people led business and service model

  • Compliance support and training.
  • Phones answered and queries responded to.
  • Primary contact relationships and open business