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With Sales Tools that help you to create leads and convert them into life-long customers LoanKit can help you grow your business.

  • Customised training to help you maximise the LoanKit CRM to communicate to your clients
  • Tools for targeted communication with prospects
  • Personalise templated ads and brochures
  • Bi monthly client newsletters automatically distributed on your behalf with your branding
  • Free emails and SMS* from within LoanKit
  • Marketing workshops to help you market yourself
  • Customer seminar tools and materials
  • Introduction to business partners to help you create a lead generating website

Plus talk to us about options for purchasing leads in a cost-effective and no risk manner.

*Free SMS for Loan Status communications

Convert more leads with LoanKit’s easy to use tools
With industry-leading software LoanKit brokers can easily provide the analysis and proposals to convert a lead into a customer.

  • Calculation of maximum borrowings, with product, purpose and assessment rate parameters taken into account
  • Emailing and SMS messaging from the software
  • Once only data entry of customer details. Single click access to most screens for quick entry
  • File note recording, reminder bookings, to do lists and meeting schedules all in one easy-to-use system
  • Record loan details for automatic commission lodgment and as a trigger for the Customer Relationship Management functions
  • Groups can track deals of individual broker or branches or entire group
  • Affiliates can be established and have them feed referrals directly into the system and track progress of their referrals

The LoanKit team are keen to show you how to maximise these easy to use, and very effective tools, that will be at your disposal.

  • Make the most of media and more: PR workshops with our in-house industry leading specialists
  • Tools and techniques proven to strengthen your profile, at your fingertips
  • Editorial material easily personalised for you to send to local media
  • Direct access to our in-house PR professionals