The LoanKit software has been fully updated to help you simplify the compliance process. As you update the CRM, you will be able to generate the necessary forms to ensure you are meeting your compliance obligations. If you are ever in doubt, you can call the LoanKit support team for assistance.

Solutions to allow you to choose what’s best for your business!

Compliance Solutions to suit your business

Credit Representative

Become a credit representative of the LoanKit license.
You can have confidence that your files will be audited and necessary feedback provided to ensure you are meeting your customer and legal responsibilities.


Own license:

You can hold your own license and you’ll get useful, regular updates on compliance matters


Managed license:

Hold your own license, but have access to the LoanKit compliance library. Confidence in the knowledge that you have LoanKit for support with any queries you may have on meeting your obligations. Ability to have a sample of your files audited by desktop with a report provided on each file based on you meeting the minimum NCCP requirements. Access to our friendly support team for assistance.