Brilliant Business Support and Super Easy ‘Broker Centric’ Tools

CRM Tools

LoanKit has a sophisticated, yet easy to use CRM system.

Use it off-the-shelf with the LoanKit supplied templates and automated communications or customise it to suit your business model.

As an Internet-based solution every member of the team can be kept up to date with the status of each client regardless of whether they are working from home or the office.

Use SMS and email reminders and a range of LoanKit generated communications to keep in touch with your clients prior to and after settlement.

Commission Management

With a fully-integrated commission management system you can easily track your commissions and automate the payments to loan writers and referrers.

Reports generated by LoanKit alert you to missing commission and help you to plan and forecast your revenue growth.

Compliance Options

By offering three different licensing options LoanKit recognizes that not all broker businesses need the same level of compliance support. Members can apply to be a LoanKit Credit Representative or hold their own ASIC license.

For those companies wishing to hold their own license but needing auditing and other compliance support we offer the Managed License option.

Business Support

As a business owner, brokers shouldn’t need to be experts in industrial relations, computers, recruitment and office technology.

To make it easier for brokers to manage their businesses LoanKit offers training, templates and support in a wide variety of general business areas.

Plus you can access support from the PR Team.