Software and Services to Give you the Edge

Broker Tools

A full suite of software and services that have been developed by a broker, for the specific purpose of making your “client relationships” the sole focus of your business.

LoanKit has developed a comprehensive set of tools, and services, along with your ability to ‘pick and choose’ from our range, what you actually need.

We just make it all easier and simpler, with out compromising on quality.


Membership Models

We developed a number of membership models, because we recognised that the market for Aggregators has changed. So has the maturity of the brokers, and so we need to cater for advanced broker businesses, and new brokers entering the industry. As a result, brokers now have options from their aggregator, and the flexibility to move between them.




Sales Tools

Growing your business should be easier than ever.

LoanKit offers marketing programs that help drive your ‘lead’ pipeline.

  • Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze programs that you can choose from depending on your volume requirements, sophistication and more.
  • Lead Conversion capabilities including calculators, SMS alert and e-mail messaging from within the program. File note recording, reminder bookings and establishing affiliates and referrers.

Plus we offer PR, Media and editorial material, easily personalised for you to send to local media, and direct access to our PR team.


Retention Tools

Maintaining and managing your ongoing client relationships is always a demanding and  critical business activity.

Identifying opportunities within your existing client base, and seeking referrals can be a positive experience for your clients and a great benefit to you.

LoanKit offers programs, automated newsletters, targeting tools and our exclusive ‘HomeKit’, all with built in customer referral mechanisms.


Referral Tools

Building your industry networks and establishing strong referral partners is another critical part of your business management and growth.

Managing and engaging those partners and their referrals is also an important part of making the relationship work for you both.

LoanKit offers a log-in portal for referrers and more.