• vision_logo

    Matt Ivers

    Director, VISION

    "The pure genius of LoanKit is it is so simple to use. Any great piece of technology is complex but what makes it a winner is when the design and layout are easy to use. A broker can be up and running with just a few minutes of tuition - an ideal scenario."

  • gain

    Navjeet Singh Matta

    Director, Gain Home Loans

    "Their CRM software is undoubtedly the industry's best. I've tried most other platforms but none match the accuracy and features of LoanKit's software."

  • LinkFinancial

    Jeremy Zabat

    Director, Link Financial Solutions

    "LoanKits service and products no doubt have contributed to the streamlining of my business operations. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations."

  • LoanSpot_Logo

    Eugene Buchner

    Director, Loan Spot

    "The LoanKit CRM provides comprehensive notification of loan progress via SMS and email. I use this extensively to quickly communicate with clients. Post settlement, the system allows for easy tracking, reminders, milestones and loan anniversary."

  • mkpl_logo

    Bob Coleman

    Director, Mortgage Knowledge Base

    When I request something from LoanKit, whether it's a loan placement recommendation or a software enhancement, I get a response almost immediately. I feel like LoanKit is my underpaid partner in this business."

  • trinity_logo

    Anastasia Daaboul

    Director, Simplify Your Loans

    "I have been very happy with the support that LoanKit has provided me with my business. I found myself more confident with the customers and my business conversions to settlement have increased ever since I have used LoanKit."

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Fully integrated commission management systems to track and automate payments.


You deliver the experience. Let LoanKit manage the data. It's easy using our industry built…


Compliance-in-a-box. Sounds easy, it is! We offer compliance service options to suit your business.

Support Services

LoanKit offers your business more. Business support services including IT and HR, even PR support.

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